Paul inspires his audience to motivate themselves to think big and will urge them to pursue their dreams, even if at first glance it may seem to be an impossible dream.


Paul will clearly show that "We can achieve the American Dream if we dare to passionately and relentlessly pursue it."


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Read the back cover for the biography of Paul P. Rachmanides: The Potato Peeler.

"We can achieve the American Dream if we dare to

passionately and relentlessly pursue it."

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1- Welcome to My Blog!

2- Context and Perspective

3- The Political Process

4- Perfecting the Political Process

5- The Economy

6- The Economy - Encore

A view of Earth from Space.

Welcome to My Blog


          Good morning everyone. My name is Paul P. Rachmanides author of “ The Potato Peeler”, a truly American tale. It is that of the dreamer, it is universal and it speaks to all who would seek to better themselves in any facet of their life. It is the story of the human condition, of the destiny manifested by one’s determination and will. It is genuine. It is true.

          I believe that “ Nothing is..." (read more)


Context and Perspective


          Do you know where are you at? Do you know where are you going? Do you know where did you come from? The correct answer is NO,NO and NO. You don't know,I don't know,nobody does. All of us,some 7 billion people piggyback a rocket planet called Earth,which hurls through space time at about 50 miles per second,rotates on its axis at more than 5 times the top speed of Indianapolis 500,completes one circle around the Sun in 365 days,and the whole Solar System completes one circle around the center of the Milky Way in about 250 million years.

          The Milky Way, according to cosmologists... (read more)

The Political Process


          1984 was a sad year for me not because I was starving to survive, but because my favored commercial went off the air courtesy of the Federal Government that said:"The System is the Solution". At that year, I believe, Ma Bell broke up into Baby Bells.

          It has been said "It's the Economy Stupid"... (read more)


Perfecting the Political Process


          Imagine we elect the President and Congress and costs the taxpayers nothing. What? You say it will never happen,that's impossible!!! Ladies and Gentlemen,"Nothing is impossible if we dare to passionately and relentlessly pursue it".

          If nobody serves in Congress... (read more)

The Economy


          "It's the Economy stupid".  Amen, I couldn't have said it better myself. Economy is a Greek word (Oikonomia) comprised of two words, (Oicos, which means House and by extension Household and Nomos, which means the Law, Order). Together it means the orderly state of affairs of a Household, and by extension "Thriftiness of a Household".

          As you can see America, Economy... (read more)

The Economy - Encore


         It takes two to Tango.  I am not talking about dancing, I am talking about the dance of life. Nature and us, a formidable duo. The question is how do we treat the relationship. Are we handle it with loving tender care or there is evidence of abuse.  Nature has been unimaginably generous to us.  It requires us to sleep about 8 hours per 24 hours so, the metabolic process can... (read more)

A view of Earth from Space.

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